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Akash Demonstrates World’s Fastest X-band Satellite Radio

Akash has transmitted data at 650 Mbps from a palm-sized Satellite radio. The radio has been designed for Earth Observation, and other sensing applications.

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Akash Publishes Radiation Data from GaN-on-Diamond Power Amplifiers

The devices show excellent performance after 200 krad exposure.

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Akash, Systems, Inc., (San Francisco, CA) founded in 2016 by Felix Ejeckam and Ty Mitchell, is focused on developing and supplying the next generation of extreme bandwidth, hyper-efficient communications gear for space satellites. Akash is working to accelerate the world’s march towards universal and low-cost access to the internet.

A breakthrough new composite material, gallium nitride (GaN)-on-Diamond, invented by Akash cofounder Ejeckam, is at the heart of Akash’s products.

Akash Systems GaN-on-Diamond RF Package

In GaN-on-Diamond, the hottest part of a transistor is brought to within tens of nanometers of synthetic diamond – the most thermally conductive material ever made by humans. The result is a dramatic reduction in the waste heat generated from the power amplifier, and therefore the entire satellite system; in the communications “base stations” of space, the RF power amplifier is typically responsible for the bulk of the power consumed and the heat generated. The cooler state of operation gives RF and satellite system designers a previously unattainable thermal envelope to dramatically improve a satellite’s communication bandwidth and energy efficiency while simultaneously shrinking the system’s size, weight, and operating costs.

At Akash, our vision is to enable the satellite industry to exploit these benefits, eventually producing terabit data rates and centimeter-range video resolution, for example. We envision new satellite services enabled by orders-of-magnitude increases in information density and access. We believe this vision will allow a rethinking of what is possible with satellite communications on Earth, between Earth and Deep Space, or, beyond that, to human colonies in Space. All of this can be enabled by an invention that allows us to “beat the heat” and reinvent satellite communications.

The satellite communications industry is large ($200B+) and growing, with many exciting new innovations. We understand that new markets are rarely built in a vacuum, and we will continue to work with a web of partners in innovation to bring this technology and its benefits to the world. Our colleagues in this endeavor are corporate, academic, and government organizations working in materials technology, RF components and subsystems, and satellite systems. If you have a tough problem to solve, we may be able to help you push the boundaries of performance and open new opportunities.

Realizing our vision begins with Akash’s high-performance components — phase one of our business approach — which includes GaN-on-Diamond Solid State Power Amplifiers that are currently in the market. Akash plans to move into phase two, working with satellite system makers to design, make and ship transmitters and transmitter/receiver modules in 2019.

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