Vision & Business Strategy

Our Vision

Imagine extending the reach of fast, affordable information to every human being on earth today. Better yet, imagine small, cost effective, powerful satellites able to provide terabit data-rates and exciting new applications for Earth, Deep Space, or even human Space colonies. At Akash, we are creating technologies to make that vision come true. Using pioneering satellite technologies capable of data-rates at 1,000 times faster than those available today, streaming high-definition video, and centimeter-resolution images in visible and infrared, we are working to give every person on earth, and off, affordable and complete access to the world’s information.

We are focused on resolving issues critical to the expansive growth of the satellite industry. Our technologies and designs will enable smaller, lighter satellites with higher performance, which will lead to lower launch costs, reduced cost-per-bit, more launch cycles, and increased communications access and throughput. This will give greater opportunity for new satellite applications; more bandwidth, combined with lower costs and faster learning will create opportunities not even envisioned today – new opportunities for deep space communications, communications between spacecraft, and higher-density communication between human communities, no matter where they are in the universe.

The Coming Communications Problem We Must Resolve

  • Steep growth in worldwide data demand has outpaced our communications infrastructure; now over a quintillion (1018) bytes per month, growing 100X every decade,
  • Satellite applications under development, on Earth and in Space, require yet-to-be developed communications gear at more demanding frequency, bandwidth, and power requirements
  • Currently contemplated solutions and technologies do not get us there; there is not enough cellular base-station infrastructure, nor capable satellites able to meet data demands
  • New technology is needed — and Akash’s RFPA and CubeSat technology is poised to meet these demands.

Our Business Approach

Phase One: High-Performance Components

Akash is currently in Phase One, where we will continue to deliver GaN-on-Diamond HEMTs, Hybrids, and MMIC Power Amplifiers to customers who make systems requiring high frequency and power-efficiency. We will continue to serve our customers in the years to come while we: a) reduce cost per Watt to levels unattainable by state of the art and currently envisioned technologies; b) increase thermal efficiency and power levels via innovation in the underlying materials; c) integrate more of the satellite system components onto a single chip; and d) deliver higher frequencies and bandwidths than is currently available or envisioned.

Phase Two: Small Satellite (Cubesat) Subsystems and Systems

By 2019, we plan to deliver to customers, small satellites, and transmitters (X10^2 Gbps) with performance capabilities currently thought unachievable, e.g. downlink data-rates from 100Gbps up to 1Terabit, extremely high-resolution (10cm) earth imaging, and terapixel (1012 bytes) video capabilities. These performance levels require basic thermally managed transistors with CW performance of up to 30GHz+ frequencies, 20dB+ gain, and high power (1W-30W). The CubeSats are based on Akash Systems’ GaN-on-Diamond transmitters.

Phase Three: Satellites and Services for Select Applications

By 2021, Akash plans to operate some of its satellites in orbit (LEO) to offer services to end-user customers; these services will range from communications bandwidth provisioning to high-def/high-res imaging and video. We envision a leap forward in the market’s capability of services: low-cost and high speed global broadband access; cheaper, higher-resolution images, more frequent or live streaming imaging and video. All based on our GaN-on-Diamond enabled system hardware – self-cooled, ultra-compact, high-power, high-gain, high frequency amplifiers than can power a 1U CubeSat as powerful as its larger brethren!