FCC Grants Akash Systems Approval

FCC Grants Akash Systems Approval of Experimental GaN-on-Diamond Satellite Launch

Launch will demonstrate new level of transmission data-rate never achieved, enabling more compact future satellites for reduced costs

San Francisco, January 8, 2019 – Akash Systems, Inc., focused on resolving the explosive growth of data consumption by enabling the world’s fastest and most efficient satellite systems, announced today it has been granted an Experimental Special Temporary Authorization license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for a satellite launch featuring its proprietary GaN-on-Diamond transmitter technology. The GaN-on-Diamond technology will be integrated into a Ka-band (17.2 to 20.2 GHz) 3U radio transmitter and launched in a 12U CubeSat allowing for new levels of data transmission for customers to increase capacity and reduce end-user costs.

Artist’s rendering of the Akash Systems McNair 12U CubeSat – Photo credit: Blue Canyon Technologies

“Taking the lead in the satellite communications industry, this demo will showcase the use of our proprietary GaN-on-Diamond Radio Frequency (RF) amplifier technology,” said Co-founder, CEO and GaN-on-Diamond Inventor Felix Ejeckam. “Beyond the capability to handle the increasing demands of today’s extreme data throughput, we are confident future adoption of the system will drive down end-user costs to levels never before seen.”

The company’s satellite launch will demonstrate the transmitter’s capability to handle more than five gigabits per second (5Gbps+) downlink speeds from a 10-Watt 3U radio transmitter. Tentatively slated for early 2020, the launch will validate the datarates, reliability, and space-qualification readiness of the GaN-on-Diamond transmitter technology. The new technology enables a smaller, lighter and higher performing satellite that will pave the way to lower launch costs, reduced cost-per-bit, more launch cycles, and increased communications access around the earth.

“Anyone buying our solid-state power amplifiers (SSPAs) to transmit data to/from space will be interested in the space worthiness and reliability of our SSPA products,” said Jeanette Quinlan, director of space systems, Akash Systems. “This launch helps us capture that worthiness and reliability data for them.”

Akash will continue to focus on scaling up and qualifying its GaN-on-Diamond Power Amplifier product line, offering customers products with higher frequencies that will be announced in the months ahead.

About Akash Systems

Akash Systems, Inc., (San Francisco, CA) founded by Felix Ejeckam and Ty Mitchell, and seed-funded in Q4 2017 by Khosla Ventures and others, is focused on developing and supplying the next generation of small satellites, and the RF Power Amplifiers that power them. A pioneering new material, GaN-on-Diamond, is at the heart of the company’s technology and products.


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