MMIC Power Amplifiers

MMIC Power Amplifiers — with GaN-on-Diamond Technology

Using standard design software tools and our foundry’s design kits, we design and deliver MMICs that are tuned to a customer’s technical requirements in frequency band, output power bandwidth, power added efficiency, gain, noise figure, and so on.

A generalized sampling of MMIC power amplifiers at various popular frequency bands is shown here. Please let us know below what power amplifier you need, and we will get back to you with a quote.


*Other Power levels and frequency ranges available. Please inquire

Frequency Band RF Power Out @ Psat PAE @ Psat Gain
7.7–8.5 GHz 135W ~43% 2-stage 22dB
8.0–8.5 GHz 10W ~57% 2-stage 24dB
9–10 GHz 500W+ ~26% Multi-stage 50dB+
10.7–12.75 GHz 6W ~54% 3-stage 26dB
12W ~52% 3-stage 25dB
40W ~48% 3-stage 26dB
17.3–20.3 GHz 2W ~50% 3-stage 22dB
10W ~46% 3-stage 24dB
30W ~40% 3-stage 24dB
17.3–21.2 GHz 2W ~46% 3-stage 24dB
8W ~37% 3-stage 24dB

Request an MMIC Power Amplifier quote:

The band of frequency you are requesting.
The RF power requirements you are requesting.
The PAE percentage you are requesting.
The bandwidth you are requesting.
The number of stages and the gain range in dB that you are requesting.
The number of units you are requesting.
The date you require delivery.
Your name.
Your company's name.
Your email address.

United States Frequency Allocations in the Radio Spectrum


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