Power Amplifiers

Akash’s Power Amplifier (PA) product is a packaged chip comprising of either a Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) or a transistor with 50-ohm matching circuits at the input and output of the amplifier.  Per customer requirements, Akash engineers may include in the PA package other items such as gain control, temperature control, power conditioning circuits, etc.

At the core of Akash’s Power Amplifier product is our proprietary Gallium Nitride (GaN)-on-Diamond technology wherein a synthetic diamond substrate is grown to within 30nm of the heat generating layers (i.e. the gate) of the transistor or MMIC.  This close proximity between synthetic diamond (many times the world’s most thermally conductive material) and the hottest point in the GaN device enables exceptional heat extraction from the device — leading to elevated efficiencies and lower delta-T between the base and the channel.

GaN-on-Diamond devices have been proven to be resilient in a space radiation environment and have also been proven to sustain years long endurance/reliability test.  GaN-on-Diamond power amplifier product ranging from L-band up to Ka-band, and at powers ranging from milliwatts to kilowatts, have been developed or are at various levels of development.


Frequency Band RF Power Out @ Psat PAE @ Psat Gain
7.7–8.5 GHz 135W 43% 22dB
8.0–8.5 GHz 10W 58% 19dB
9–10 GHz 500W+ 26% 50dB+
10.7–12.75 GHz 6W 55% 19dB
10W 58% 19dB
20W 54% 18dB
40W 48% 19dB
12.75-14.5 30W 44% 21dB
17.3–20.3 GHz 2W 46% 19dB
10W 46% 18dB
20W 42% 18dB
30W 40% 21dB
17.3–21.2 GHz 30W 38% 21dB
24.0-27.0 GHz 10W 43% 18dB
27.5-30.0 GHz 30W 36% 19dB
28.5-31.5 GHz 30W 34% 19dB

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