Power Amplifiers

Power Amplifiers — with GaN-on-Diamond Technology

The Akash Cubesat Radios combine an X-band or Ka-band transmitter with an S-band receiver into a compact form factor perfect for small satellites looking for high data rates. The cubesat’s software defined radio (SDR) provides optimum flexibility, including the ability to adjust modulation in-flight.

At the core of the Akash Cubesat Radio is our proprietary Gallium Nitride (GaN)-on-Diamond MMIC Power Amplifier designed for exceptional thermal and RF performance. Akash’s amplifiers are ideally suited for space-based communications systems requiring high efficiency, high data rates, and demanding SWAP requirements.

The Akash Cubesat Radios are designed for maximum compatibility with existing satellite designs and ground station infrastructure. Customization is possible – please inquire.

Frequency Band RF Power Out @ Psat PAE @ Psat Gain
7.7–8.5 GHz 135W 43% 22dB
8.0–8.5 GHz 10W 58% 19dB
9–10 GHz 500W+ 26% 50dB+
10.7–12.75 GHz 6W 55% 19dB
10W 58% 19dB
20W 54% 18dB
40W 48% 19dB
12.75-14.5 30W 44% 21dB
17.3–20.3 GHz 2W 46% 19dB
10W 46% 18dB
20W 42% 18dB
30W 40% 21dB
17.3–21.2 GHz 30W 38% 21dB
24.0-27.0 GHz 10W 43% 18dB
27.5-30.0 GHz 30W 36% 19dB
28.5-31.5 GHz 30W 34% 19dB

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